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EPHAR is pleased to annonce that in order to advance esearch and education in Pharmacology and to promote co-operation between pharmacologists in Europe the Federation will again sponsor a number of awards for young pharmacologists in 2015.
The Federation of European Pharmacology Societies (EPHAR) and the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (EACPT) are pleased to announce a joint initiative to recognise projects of excellence in translational research in pharmacology. There will be two awards of EUR 1,000 each that will be given in 2015 to young scientists who have published an outstanding research paper in the past two years.

← See the Call for Applications with all relevant information.
← Deadline for applications: 17 April 2015

EPHAR is pleased to announce that two awards of EUR 1,000 each will be given to young pharmacologists who have published an outstanding research paper in the past two years.

← See the Call for Applications with all relevant information.
← Deadline for applications: 15 May 2015

• PLEASE NOTE the different deadlines for the two calls! •

E U R O P E A N   C E R T I F I E D   P H A R M A C O L O G I S T   ( E u C P )
EPHAR European Certified Pharmacologist (EuCP)

The European Certified Pharmacologist (EuCP) project has been initiated with the intention to identify individuals working in the field of pharmacology who excel in standards of education, skills, experience and professional standing. ...

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The pharmacological societies of the following countries have officially approved and adopted the EuCP certification:


T H E   R O D O L F O   P A O L E T T I   M E D A L
The Rodolfo Paoletti Medal for Distinction in European Pharmacology

has been created by EPHAR in 2014 to honour distinguished pharmacologists who have achieved merits for the discipline of Pharmacology in Europe.

List of recipients

E P H A R   E T H I C A L   C O D E   O F   C O N D U C T
The EPHAR Ethical Code of Conduct

adopted by the Federation in Rome, 17 November 2013.

E P H A R   A C T I V I T I E S :
EPHAR supports activities organised by its member societies that are intended to improve the cooperation among European pharmacologists. Activities supported by EPHAR are:
  • EPHAR Lectures
  • EPHAR Symposia
  • EPHAR Instructional Courses
  • EPHAR Poster Awards
For a complete list of EPHAR-sponsored events click here.

Calls for applications for EPHAR-supported activities and the guideines for these events are announced annually on the main page.

On special occasions EPHAR gives prizes to European young investigators in the field of pharmacology, the EPHAR Young Investigators Awards. So far, the following awards were given:
  • EPHAR Young Investigators Awards 2010
  • EPHAR Young Investigators Awards 2012
For a list of awardees with a description of their achievements click here.
EPHAR Congresses are organised every for years in the middle between IUPHAR congresses. Each EPHAR Congress is organised by one of its member societies. Bids for hosting an EPHAR Congress are presented to the EPHAR Council six years before the respective event. The delegates to the EPHAR Council who represent all EPHAR member societies make the final decision on the place of the event and the organising host society.
The next EPHAR Congress
    EPHAR 2016, will take place in İstanbul, Turkey, 26–30 July 2016,
    organised by the Turkish Pharmacological Society

The call for bids for EPHAR 2020 will be announced in late 2013. All bids received after this call will be considered by the EPHAR Council, which will meet during the 17th World Congress of Pharmacology (Cape Town, South Africa, 13–18 July 2014).
The Guidelines for EPHAR Meetings can be found here.
In order to recognise the activities of EPHAR member societies organising nationl meetings, EPHAR selects a Lecture of the Month from plenary lectures given at such occasions. EPHAR Member Societies are invited to nominate distinguished lectures for this list. Please send your suggestions to the President of EPHAR (president @ ephar.org).

→ List of EPHAR Lectures of the Month


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